Your Spring AC Checklist: How to Get Ready for Warmer Weather in Raleigh
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Spring AC Checklist: Warmer Weather in Raleigh

Your Spring AC Checklist: How to Get Ready for Warmer Weather in Raleigh

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The weather in Raleigh is finally starting to warm up, which means that it’s time to get your AC ready for the summer months. Preparing your air conditioner for the heat of the summer can help ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently all season long. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing some tips and tricks you can use to get your air conditioner ready for the warmer season ahead. From cleaning the coils and checking the thermostat to changing the air filter, there are several things you can do to make sure your AC is ready for summer.

Schedule Your AC Tune-Up near Raleigh, NC

▢ Schedule Your AC Tune-Up

Preparing your air conditioning system for the summer heat is essential in Raleigh. An AC tune-up can help ensure your system is running at its peak efficiency so that you can stay cool and comfortable throughout the warmer months. A tune-up not only increases efficiency, but it also helps the unit last longer and keeps large repair costs to a minimum. When you schedule an AC tune-up, a professional technician will inspect the system, check all the moving parts, and make any needed adjustments or repairs. The technician will also clean the coils and check for proper refrigerant levels. This ensures that your AC unit is running as efficiently as possible and is keeping your home at its most comfortable all season long. Additionally, an AC tune-up will help identify potential problems before they become bigger issues. This can save you time and money, as small problems can be caught and corrected early on, avoiding costly repairs in the future. By scheduling an AC tune-up with a professional technician, you can ensure that your home is ready for the heat of summer in Raleigh, NC. With regular maintenance, you can avoid costly repairs and enjoy a cool, comfortable home all season long.

To keep your AC working properly, you should replace your air filter every 1-3 months.

▢ Change Your Air Filter

When it comes to maintaining your AC and preparing for warmer weather, changing your air filter is a crucial step. An air filter helps remove dirt, dust, and other debris from the air in your home and keeps it from being recirculated by your AC unit. Over time, these filters become clogged with particles, preventing airflow and reducing the efficiency of your unit and the quality of air that you breathe. To keep your AC working properly, you should replace your air filter every 1-3 months. You can purchase filters of different sizes at most home improvement stores or online. If you’re unsure of what type of filter to buy, you can always consult a professional HVAC technician who can help you determine the right fit for your system. When replacing your air filter, take a few minutes to check your air ducts as well. Make sure they are not blocked or damaged and clean them out if needed. This will help ensure that your air conditioner operates at peak efficiency when summer arrives. If you notice excessive dust and debris in your ducts, call a professional as soon as possible. They will clear the ducts and improve the airflow and quality of your home.

Check indoor air quality of your home

▢ Check Indoor Air Quality

Now is a great time to check the indoor air quality of your home. Poor air quality can make it difficult to breathe, cause health problems, and can negatively impact your AC’s efficiency. One of the most common indicators of poor indoor air quality is the presence of dust and other particles in the air. You can easily test this with a simple air quality meter or by looking for signs of visible dust built up around your vents and home. If you notice an excess of dust and debris in the air, consider investing in an air purifier. Air purifiers help to reduce airborne pollutants like dust, smoke, pet dander, and mold spores. They can help improve the overall quality of your indoor air and reduce symptoms related to allergies and asthma. By taking the time to check your indoor air quality now, you’ll be helping to ensure that your home has fresh, clean air all summer long!

Test your air conditioning system before the summer months when temperatures in Raleigh start to rise.

▢ Test Your Air Conditioning

It is important to test your air conditioning system before the summer months when temperatures in Raleigh start to rise. This helps ensure that your AC is working properly and efficiently. Testing your air conditioner can be done by an HVAC professional if you are unsure of what to do. If you choose to do it yourself, there are several steps you should take to ensure that the job is done correctly. Firstly, turn on the AC unit and make sure that all the settings are correctly adjusted. The fan speed should be set at a medium level and the thermostat should be set to cool mode. Then, measure the temperature of the air coming out of the vents with a thermometer. This should read around 77°F. Next, check for any inconsistencies in the airflow. If the flow is weak, this could indicate a blocked filter or other problem with the system. You can also look at the condenser coils to make sure they are clean and free of debris or dust. Lastly, listen for any strange noises coming from the unit which could indicate a malfunction. Testing your air conditioning system is important to make sure it is running efficiently and to identify any potential issues before the summer months hit. Taking the time to do this will help you avoid expensive repairs and save you money in the long run.

Install a Programmable Thermostat and set the temperature and times that you want the AC to run.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

The benefits of investing in, and installing, a programmable thermostat upgrade are numerous. First, you will be able to save on your energy bills by only running the AC when necessary. Additionally, you will be able to maintain better control over the temperature in your home. A programmable thermostat allows you to pre-set temperatures and times so that you can avoid spending energy when no one is home or when everyone is asleep. You can also adjust the temperature in your home depending on the season. Finally, programmable thermostats are relatively easy to install and maintain. While you may need an HVAC professional to install the thermostat, many models come with easy-to-follow instructions and can be installed in a matter of minutes. Once installed, all you have to do is set the temperature and times that you want the AC to run.


It’s important to remember that getting ready for summer means preparing your air conditioning system. Scheduling a tune-up, changing your air filter, testing your air conditioning and investing in a programmable thermostat are all great ways to ensure that your AC is ready for the upcoming warm weather. Our AnyDay team has the tools and knowledge to get your system ready and running before the upcoming heat takes hold. By taking these steps now, you can have peace of mind that your home will be cool and comfortable when the temperature rises.

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