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Dual Fuel Hybrid Heating Systems In Garner

Combine a furnace and a heat pump to maximize your comfort!

What is a Hybrid HVAC System?

Dual fuel heating systems are a great way to combine heating efficiency with the moderate winter climate common to the Garner, NC area. Dual fuel heating systems (also called “hybrid heating systems”) use a heat pump to heat your home when temperatures remain above freezing, and a furnace to keep your house warm when outdoor temperatures drop below 32 degrees.

At AnyDay Heating & Cooling, we offer:

How Does a Hybrid Heating System Work?

A dual fuel heating system combines the efficiency of a heat pump with the power of a furnace to maximize your home comfort. Traditionally, a heat pump functions best when temperatures remain moderately warm— typically in weather warmer than 32°F. So, when temperatures are above freezing, your heat pump will work to keep you and your family cozy.

When temperatures drop, your heating system will automatically switch to your furnace. Without the switch, your heat pump would struggle to keep up with your heating demands and decrease energy efficiency, ultimately resulting in higher utility bills. During the winter, a furnace is much more reliable and efficient than a heat pump, no matter if you have a gas furnace or electric furnace.

Is a Dual Fuel Heating System Worth It?

There are countless benefits to having a dual fuel heating system in your home or business. Firstly, they are the most energy-efficient heating option because they have the efficiency of an electric heat pump, but the reliability of a gas furnace. They alternate between gas and electric based on the temperature outside and what your home needs, so it never uses more energy than needed.

Since the gas part of the system only kicks in when it needs to, not only are you saving money on your bills throughout the entire year, but you’re also being eco-friendly. This type of heating system uses fewer fossil fuels and emits less damaging gasses into the environment. With our hybrid heating systems, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner, healthier future.

Dual heat pumps are also highly favored because they’re beneficial in any season; when it’s warmer out, the heat pump is used, and when it’s colder out, the gas furnace is used for maximum heat. It also cools down a house just as effectively as an air conditioner would.

These types of systems also typically last longer. A boiler usually lasts around 10-15 years, but since the individual parts in a hybrid system don’t work as hard or as often, they should all be in better condition for a longer amount of time.

Trust AnyDay to Maintain Your Dual Hybrid Heating System

Just like a car needs an oil change, your hybrid heating system will require routine maintenance in order to keep it running in tip-top shape. Not only do regular inspections mean your dual fuel heating system will run more efficiently, but it’ll allow us to catch minor issues that could lead to a midseason breakdown—something no homeowner in the Garner area wants.

At AnyDay Heating & Cooling, we aim to make your life more comfortable. When you choose us for hybrid heating installation, repair, or maintenance, you’ll receive:

  • Factory-trained, NATE-certified HVAC technicians
  • 24-hour emergency furnace repairs
  • Zero overtime charges for nights or weekends
  • Repair and maintenance service for all HVAC brands
  • Fully-stocked maintenance and service vehicles
  • 5-year warranties on all minor repairs
  • Outstanding customer service

Call Us Today for an Estimate

Your comfort is our priority. If you’re looking to upgrade your heating system to one of the most energy-efficient systems on the market, install a dual fuel heating system today! Our comfort specialists will work with you to perform a comprehensive analysis of your current heating system and make a recommendation for the best furnace and/or heat pump for your home. The best heating system for your home can depend on several factors, including:

  • Square footage of your home
  • Heating demands
  • Lifestyle habits
  • Age of your home
  • And more

Our technicians are ready to make your home as comfortable as possible year-round. For heating and cooling near Cary, call us today!

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