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We provide a full range of replacement, maintenance, and repair services for your furnace. You can rely on the experienced HVAC technicians at AnyDay Heating & Cooling for:

  • Expert advice from professionally licensed and certified technicians
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  • Customer commitment and satisfaction guarantee on any work we do
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Furnace Installation in Garner, NC

Your furnace is a large, complex unit that will provide your entire home with excellent heating for many years. Many factors can affect the overall cost of a new furnace replacement, but the type of furnace you choose has the most impact.

Our expert HVAC technicians at AnyDay Heating & Cooling will help you find the perfect furnace for your home. The main types of new furnace replacements available are gas and electric furnaces.

  • Gas Furnace Replacement

    Gas furnace replacements are the most commonly replaced furnaces in North Carolina homes. Gas furnaces are typically the cheapest to run because they use natural gas as their energy source. They are more efficient than oil furnaces but less efficient than electric furnaces.

    As a result, your North Carolina home is at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and will require lifelong maintenance. Natural gas furnaces are the least expensive to operate, making them an appealing option for furnace replacement.

  • Electric Furnace Replacement

    Electric furnace replacement is another popular option for homeowners in North Carolina. They are significantly less expensive than gas and oil furnace replacements. They require only electricity and no natural gas line piping or oil storage tanks. However, despite their simplicity, electrical furnace replacements are the most expensive to operate because of their high electricity consumption.

    Electric furnaces remain a common furnace replacement option with their comparatively lower purchase prices and minimal lifespan maintenance. Ask one of our HVAC experts today if the cost of an electric furnace replacement is worthwhile for your home.

Professional Furnace Services

Our furnace installation technicians will assess your heating and furnace needs and budget before beginning any work. You will know exactly what solution is best and most affordable for your new furnace system. To learn more about furnace installation and replacement services, call AnyDay Heating & Cooling today.

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