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Heat Pump Replacement & Heat Pump Installation in Garner

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We offer a full line of heat pump installation, maintenance, and repair services, no matter the problem or time of year it is. You can count on the trusted HVAC professionals at AnyDay Heating & Cooling for:

  • Expert advice from professionally licensed and certified technicians
  • You’ll never pay more than the quoted amount with our upfront pricing
  • Customer commitment and satisfaction guarantee on any work we do
  • Free in-home estimates on new installations
  • Same-day service availability
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Cost of Heat Pump Replacement in Garner

A heat pump is quite different from your standard furnace or boiler in that it can heat and cool your North Carolina home. The four main types of new heat pump installations available are:

  • Air-Source Heat Pump Installation and Replacement

    The most common type of heat pump is an air-to-air system. It directly absorbs heat from the outside air and transfers it indoors to warm your home. Air-source heat pumps can operate in either ducted or ductless systems. They use less energy because they run on electricity and don’t need combustible parts like furnaces or boilers.

  • Geothermal Heat Pump Installation and Replacement

    Ground-source heat pump installations require natural heat from the earth to warm or cool your North Carolina home. A heat pump moves water through pipes underneath your home.

    In winter or summer, the ground under your house maintains a constant temperature of 50 degrees. This helps to keep the water warm. The heat pump then circulates the warmed or cooled water to its surface, where it heats and blows the air into your home.

  • Water Source Heat Pump Installation and Replacement

    Water-to-air systems require access to a nearby well or body of water to function. These devices function similarly to air-source heat pumps. However, instead of utilizing air, they rely on water to extract and release heat. This process is carried out through a pipe system.

  • Mini-Split Heat Pump Installation and Replacement

    Another common application of a new heat pump installation is with a ductless heating and cooling system. Mini-split systems can function on their own or they can supplement an existing HVAC system such as a furnace or boiler.

The cost of a new heat pump installation can depend on many different factors. However, the type of heat pump you select is the most crucial factor. Our HVAC experts will assist in finding the ideal heat pump installation for your North Carolina residence.

Professional Heat Pump Installation & Service

Before beginning any work, our HVAC technicians will assess your heating and cooling needs, as well as any financial considerations for your new heat pump installation. This allows you to determine the best solution for your needs, regardless of the problem. Contact AnyDay Heating & Cooling today to schedule a visit.

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