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One man, one van.

In 2004, that’s how AnyDay Heating & Cooling started. After years of working in heating and cooling for large national companies, Adrian wanted to shift the attention back to customers. He envisioned a business that served his neighbors and community like family, because as a lifelong North-Carolinian, that’s what they’ve always been.

Adrian’s first hire reflected his commitment to growing a local, black, minority-owned, family business — his ten-year old son, and now co-owner, Raheem.

Bringing Raheem on in the summers was about more than just having an extra hand to carry bags, file paperwork, and do odd painting jobs. To Adrian, it was about teaching his son the values that have always defined AnyDay Heating & Cooling — hard work, top-quality service, and dedication to the Raleigh-Durham community.

After working his way through the company and earning his degree from Eastern Carolina University, Raheem is now a co-owner. When he makes service calls, he sometimes sees customers who’ve known him since he was a kid.

In the past 15+ years, the business — like Raheem — has grown a lot, but Adrian’s founding vision has stayed the same.

Now AnyDay Heating & Cooling is much more than a single van. Adrian has created dozens of jobs for local workers and uses his company as a platform to connect with the community and take care of those within it. Adrian still wakes up early every morning, committed to serving Raleigh Durham and running a family business that extends well beyond just father and son.

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