6 Common Signs Furnaces Need to Be Replaced
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6 Common Signs Furnaces Need to Be Replaced

Like many other home appliances, heaters go bad when you least expect it. Not only does it feel miserable to be in the middle of winter with no heat in your home, but it can be extremely dangerous. Here are six telltale signs it may be time to replace your heater.

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Odd Sounds or Smells

One of the most obvious symptoms of a heater going bad is strange sounds or odor coming from the unit itself. Odors can also travel through your HVAC system and spread throughout the home, which can be dangerous.

Uneven Heating

Another sign that’s hard to miss is spotty heating. Rooms or areas being too hot or too cold, or the system kicking on and turning off frequently, means something is wrong.

Too Frequent Furnace Repairs

Even if you keep up with regular maintenance, parts wear down or break. If these small issues are not addressed, it can lead to larger ones. You either end up calling for furnace repairs way too often, or keep putting off service calls until the domino effect takes over.

High Heating Bills

A furnace that isn’t working properly, or isn’t working efficiently, will cause your energy bills to go up. If you notice gradual increases each month, take note of that, as well.

Excessive Dust & Debris

Excessive dust around vents and registers or more floating dust than normal can indicate your furnace needs attention. It may also mean you simply need to invest in a good air purifier, which can exponentially improve the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of your home.

Age of Furnace

Furnaces are made to last quite a long time and often outlive air conditioners, but they don’t last forever. If your heating unit is 15 years old or more, we recommend an upgrade to a newer, more energy efficient model.

If you have noticed any of these issues, please contact AnyDay Heating & Cooling. Our HVAC technicians can inspect, repair, or replace your heating system. If needed, we would be happy to recommend an energy efficient furnace based on your home, needs, and budget.

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