How to Reduce Static Electricity During Winter
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How to Reduce Static Electricity During Winter?

If you’re tired of getting shocked by door knobs and having your hair stand on end, you’re not alone. North Carolina winters bring cold temperatures, of course, but they can also cause the air in your home to be as dry as the desert.

Small boy smiles as his hair stands on end from static electricity.

Why is There More Static Electricity in Winter?

Without getting too scientific, the bottom line is that cold air contains less water vapor than warm air. Dry air causes static electricity, so if the air in your home is too dry, daily life can be quite shocking. Literally!

Tips for Reducing Static Shocks

There are several things you can do to reduce the static in your home. A great long-term solution is to have an HVAC humidifier installed. You can adjust the level of humidity in the air, and the water vapor is dispersed evenly throughout the home.

Here are some other things you can utilize on a daily basis to help reduce the shock of cold, dry air in your home.

Area Humidifiers

Area or room humidifiers help prevent static electricity and are fairly inexpensive. They can be purchased online as well as in most major stores.

Pro Tip: Keeping one in the bedroom at night will help ensure a good night of sleep, and help prevent waking up with a dry mouth. 

Body Lotion

Dry skin combined with dry air and carpet can be a real pain when coming into contact with metal objects. Keeping your skin hydrated can help block those unwanted shocks.

Fabric Softener

With each load of laundry, use fabric softener. If liquid softener isn’t doing the trick, try switching to dryer sheets. This will help reduce the static in your clothing, towels, and bedding.

Hair Conditioner

For hair that stands on end or flies away, a light layer of conditioner on dry hair can help. If the added weight concerns you, mix some with water and spritz from a spray bottle.

We hope these tips help! To learn more about the humidity level in your home, or to schedule an HVAC humidifier installation, please contact AnyDay Heating & Cooling. We are here for all your heating and HVAC needs, any time!

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