When to Turn Off Your Heat in Spring: A Handy Guide
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When to Turn Off Your Heat in the Spring

As the warmer weather approaches, homeowners must decide when to turn off their heat in spring. It’s a simple decision, but the solution isn’t exactly straightforward. There are many factors to consider, such as weather, your home’s insulation, and your energy consumption.

When it’s time to shut off your heater, use these tips to keep your home nice and comfortable in the coming spring months.

Watch the Weather

Spring weather can be unpredictable. One day might be sunny and warm, and the next could be rainy and cold. Before turning off your furnace, wait until the weather is consistently warm. You’re good to go when daytime temperatures stay above 60°F and nighttime temperatures don’t fall below 50°F.

Monitor Insulation

Home insulation can affect when you turn off your heating system. If your home loses heat quickly, you might need to keep it running longer. Well-insulated homes retain heat better so you don’t need to rely on your HVAC system to heat your home.

Find the Balance Between Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Shutting off your heating system too early can lead to discomfort, especially during chilly nights. However, keeping it on for too long wastes more energy and costs higher energy bills. Find the right balance to maintain comfort while keeping costs down.

Consider a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat gives you better control of your home heating. These devices connect to your smartphone, so you can set your thermostat to your desired temperatures anywhere. You can even program the temperatures on the thermostat on a timed schedule. With these newer HVAC systems, you can make your home comfortable anytime, anywhere.

AnyDay Heating & Cooling is Here to Help You Save Money

When it’s time to turn off your heat in spring, remember to check your air conditioning system. You don’t want to face the summer heat without proper cooling. AnyDay Heating & Cooling’s AC services keep your air conditioner in prime shape for the warmer months ahead. Our skilled HVAC technicians ensure clean, cooled air blows out of the vents so you can sit back and relax.

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