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Affordable Repairs For Heat Pumps Repair in Garner, North Carolina

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a very crucial component of your heating and cooling system. During the hotter months when your heat is on, it pulls hot air from inside your home to the outdoors, and during cold months, it brings in heat from outside. Instead of creating heat, these systems simply redistribute it based on your liking and temperature settings.

While they are a great heating and cooling tool for your home, it is possible for them to break down or run into problems, eventually needing to be repaired or replaced. Call AnyDay sooner rather than later to get the issue diagnosed and resolved.

Heat Pump Repair Cost

The price to fix a heat pump can vary depending on exactly what the problem is. Sometimes it can be a simple fix, while other times the repair can require new parts and more time.

But no matter what the issue is with your home’s heat pump, AnyDay Heating & Cooling will come out to your home to diagnose the problem and give you an efficient, upfront solution to the problem.

Why Is My Heat Pump Not Putting Out Heat?

There could be several reasons why your heat pump is not efficiently heating your home. Two of the most common reasons include it being low on refrigerant liquid and having a broken or missing part. No matter what the issue or repair, our qualified HVAC technicians are ready and willing to help. Simply give us a call to receive a competitive estimate so we can get started on repairs or replacements.

Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repair or Maintenance

A lack of heat or warm air in your home is not the only sign that your heat pump is due for a repair. Some other warning signs include strange or loud noises coming from the pump, shorter heat cycles, higher than average energy bills, visual signs like rust or excess humidity in your home.

Regardless of the warning sign, don’t wait to get your heat pump fixed. Leaving an issue unattended can make it bigger or more costly down the road.

How Long Does a Heat Pump System Last For?

All heat pumps have a general life expectancy of 10-15 years before they need to be replaced. Our HVAC professionals at AnyDay Heating & Cooling are expertly trained to diagnose the problem and decide if a repair or replacement is needed.

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