Why Does My Furnace Smell? Did Your Furnace Smell Something Unusual?
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Why Does My Furnace Smell?

Did you recently turn your furnace on and smell something unusual? Certain smells are a telltale sign that you are due for a new furnace or at the very least maintenance. Many people do not know that their furnace actually works ALL YEAR long! In the winter, your furnace works to heat your home. In the summer, your furnace fan blower distributes cold air. Setting your furnace fan to “on” in the summertime will allow your system to work efficiently. Continue reading to find out what smells indicate it’s time to give a technician a call!

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Metallic Smell

If your furnace emits a burning or overall metallic smell, this is typically a sign of caution. It can be a sign of electrical wiring getting too hot or your fan motor burning out. A metallic odor can also be caused by an internal component overheating or rubbing against a moving part. If you notice these smells, you should shut your furnace off as soon as possible and call a technician immediately.

Rotten Eggs

 The odor of rotten eggs is the chemical that gas companies put in their natural gas to alarm homeowners of a gas leak. Natural gas has no odor in its natural state, and it is so volatile, so it is crucial to be aware of a leak right away. If you ever begin to notice the smell of rotten eggs, turn off your furnace and call the gas company.


 The most common smell that homeowners notice is burning. This is a normal smell and happens during the change of seasons. During the summer, dust builds up on the heat exchanger and the blower so when the blowers are first turned on in cooler weather, the dust burns off and the smell is emitted out of your ducts. A smell like this typically does away after the first few hours of operation. However, if it doesn’t, check your filter furnace to ensure that it is clean. Lastly, schedule a Furnace Check with our AnyDay team to have your system inspected!

We know this article has been helpful in identifying odd odors that may be coming from your furnace. If you are dealing with more than just a smelly furnace, our team will gladly bring you back to comfort ANYDAY. Give our team a call today to schedule an appointment at (919) 214-9553.

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