The Importance of Proper Water Heater Services & Maintenance
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Water Heater Services & Maintenance in Garner, NC

The importance of proper water heater maintenance lies in how much we rely on our unit for daily use. From hot showers to clean dishes and everything in between, it’s a big part of our lives. One of the best ways to keep your hot water heater running in peak condition is to schedule regular maintenance.

Water Heater Services

The Importance of Proper Water Heater Maintenance

Malfunctions can cause safety issues, and over time, calcium buildup leads to delayed hot water delivery (and, in gas water heaters, can cause actual damage and failure).

Neglecting proper care of the system causes hardship in the long run, decreasing how long it will last. When regularly checked and maintained, issues can be corrected before becoming serious and possibly requiring a whole new unit.

How Often Should Water Heaters Be Serviced?

The standard recommendation for maintenance is once a year. Even newer units should be drained and flushed annually to remove buildup. Units that are older or have visible damage should be checked more frequently for safety purposes. It’s important to keep the unit running safely and keep the water clean.

Considering most water heaters can last 15 years or more with regular maintenance, it’s a recommendation worth taking.

Water Heater Maintenance

What is Included in Water Heater Maintenance?

Professional plumbers do annual inspections that include checks on specific parts to maintain safety and efficiency. These vary a bit depending on what kind of water heater you have, but the essentials include the following:

  • Testing pressure relief valve
  • Flushing sediment out
  • Inspecting anode rod
  • Checking any insulation

If you have a gas water heater or tankless unit, the checklist will be a bit different. Your professional AnyDay plumbers in Garner, NC, know exactly what to look for and will take care of any issues. Rely on AnyDay Heating and Cooling for all your plumbing repair and installation needs – call or request an appointment online today.

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