How To Troubleshoot Common Air Conditioning Problems
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How to Troubleshoot Common Air Conditioning Problems

As summer temperatures rise in the RaleighDurham area, the job of your air conditioning system becomes tougher and tougher and tougher, especially on days with high humidity. This excess load can strain the system, and if your air conditioner is older or has an imperfect maintenance record, the chances of a breakdown increase, possibly leaving you hot and miserable during the peak of summer. If you are lucky, the problem may be something simple that you can fix yourself, saving the time and expense of a service call.

If you are having issues with your air conditioner in the Raleigh-Durham area, contact AnyDay Heating & Cooling online or call 919-329-2944 for air conditioning repair!

How to Handle Common AC Problems

Some air conditioning problems can be resolved through a simple switch, such as resetting the breakers or doing a bit of cleaning, while others will require help from an HVAC professional at AnyDay Heating & Cooling. Here are a few common AC problems and possible solutions:

  • Air conditioner will not turn on: Often, this is caused by electrical or thermostat problems. Reset the breakers for the system and check the cutoff switch near the condenser, if equipped. Make sure the thermostat is set for cooling and that it has power and fresh batteries, if required. If these solutions do not work, the problem may be the compressor or start capacitor, requiring professional assistance.
  • Poor cooling performance: This is often caused by airflow, coil, or refrigerant problems. Check the air filter and replace it, if necessary. Make sure the supply vents are not blocked by furniture or drapes, and check for obstructions, such as toys that may have fallen into floor ducts. If the airflow seems normal, make sure the area around the outdoor condenser is free of debris and that the coils are reasonably clean. If not, turn off the power, remove large debris, and rinse the coils clean with a garden hose. Finally, if it is accessible, check the evaporator in the air handler for excessive dust, and carefully clean it with vacuum. If the problem is refrigerant-related, a professional will be needed.
  • AC cycles on and off frequently: Typically, this is caused by dirty coils or airflow problems. Make sure the coils are reasonably clean, and check for clogged filters or duct obstructions.
  • Water leaks: This can be caused by a clogged condensate drain or a damaged condensate pump. Remove drain clogs with compressed air, a vacuum, or a thin wire. If the clog remains, or the condensate pump is not working, call a professional.
  • Strange noises: Loud pinging or banging could be ducts expanding and contracting. Tapping or thudding sounds could indicate a worn blower belt, which is easily replaced. If you hear other noises, such as screeching or screaming from the condenser area, hissing, or any unidentified sounds, turn off your unit and call a professional.

Still Having Issues? Schedule AC Repair in Raleigh & Durham with AnyDay Heating & Cooling!

If you don’t feel prepared to handle your AC issues on your own, contact our team at AnyDay Heating & Cooling Heating & Cooling for fast, effective, and reliable AC repairs. We serve the entire Raleigh-Durham area, and we are available anytime through our 24-hour emergency service.

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