Air Conditioner Making Weird Sounds? Here’s What They Mean
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Air Conditioner Making Weird Sounds? Here’s What They Mean

Another hot and humid summer is underway in Raleigh-Durham. Just as you expect the summer temperatures to soar, you also expect to find refuge from the relentless heat inside your air-conditioned home. If you notice your air conditioner is unreliable, is making strange noises, or has reduced airflow, now’s the time to consider making an appointment for air conditioner repair.

What Are the Strange Noises Coming from My Air Conditioner?

Newer air conditioners are quieter than ever before. AC units are built with sound suppression technology and outfitted with variable speed compressors designed to reduce noise to below 55 decibels. If you notice loud or strange noises coming from your AC, contact a professional for air conditioner repair immediately before your unit sustains costly damage.

Some of the most common sounds your air conditioner will make that signify problems include:

Banging and clanking – These sounds usually mean there’s a broken or loose part such as a rod, piston, or crankshaft rattling around inside the compressor. Call for immediate air conditioner repair to avoid a costly compressor replacement. A banging sound could also signal that your indoor blower is out of balance. Clanking could indicate the entire compressor is loose or that indoor fan blades are out of alignment and bumping into other parts.

Clicking – It’s normal to hear clicking from your air conditioner when electrical components are cycling through their regular on-off cycle. However, constant clicking is not normal. This could indicate your thermostat is broken. With many different electrical components in an AC unit, don’t ignore ongoing clicking sounds. Call for air conditioner repair as soon as possible.

Buzzing – Buzzing noises from your outdoor unit could indicate:

  • Debris in the unit
  • Loose or failing outdoor fan motor
  • Unbalanced or loose fan blades
  • Dirty condenser coils
  • Dirty air filters
  • Unbalanced or failing blower
  • Refrigerant is leaking

Don’t ignore buzzing sounds coming from your AC unit. Call for air conditioner repair services right away.

Squealing – This sound is most associated with blower and fan operation. On some older units, you might hear a squealing sound when the unit starts, which is normal. However, if squealing is a new issue or it becomes louder, call for air conditioner repair sooner rather than later. This could mean the outdoor fan motor or indoor blower motor is deteriorating and needs replacement.

Screeching – Screeching sounds are usually serious. Turn off your unit and call for air conditioner repair immediately since this sound can mean there’s a refrigerant leak, which can seriously damage your unit. Screeching or high-pitched squealing could also indicate the compressor is under high internal pressure. If this occurs, an internal sensor should automatically turn off your AC for your safety.

Are you hearing strange sounds from your AC unit? Contact the trained professionals in Durham and Raleigh at AnyDay Heating & Cooling at 919-329-2944 today.

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