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Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell Funny?

When you run your air conditioner during the summertime, you probably are expecting nice, cool air. However, if the air coming out of your AC unit is laced with a bad smell, the cool air is suddenly not so refreshing. Don’t let a nasty scent ruin your cool and comfortable home! Instead, learn why your AC unit might be smelling and how to find a solution.

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Help! My Air Conditioner Smells Like…


If your AC unit is letting out air accompanied by a moldy odor, you more likely than not have a mildew or fungus infestation in your air conditioner. Don’t worry—this isn’t an abnormal problem to have. Think about it—in addition to cooling your home, air conditioners remove excess moisture from the air in your home. If your AC unit isn’t drained properly, mold will begin to grow on spots with lingering moisture. When this happens, call a professional to clean your AC system, replace the filter, and make the mildew smell go away.

Rotten Eggs

If your air conditioner is emitting air that smells like rotten eggs, there might be a dead animal in your unit. If an injured or sick rodent dies in the air duct during the winter, its remains decomposed and are now having a pretty nasty effect on your home’s air. By getting your air ducts professionally cleaned, the smell will disappear!


If your home smells like sewage, you may have a backed up sewer line or ruptured sewer vent pipe near the duct system. When the methane gas from the leak gets into your system, all of the air in your home will surely smell like sewage. A thorough cleaning will get rid of the scent in no time—contact an HVAC technician and your gas company to solve this problem.

Exhaust Fumes

Did you know you that your air conditioner is powered by electricity? Because of this, it is possible for the fluids from inside your system to leak out and make the air in your home smell like exhaust fumes.  This can lead to a more serious problem, so call for professional AC repair services when this happens.

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If your air conditioner is filling your home with smelly air, call the air conditioning experts at AnyDay Heating & Cooling. We offer air conditioner installation, maintenance, and repair services in Durham County, Johnston County, Wake County, and the surrounding areas.

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