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Reliable Heating Repair in Apex, NC

The winter temperatures in Apex can chill a home quickly when the heater isn’t working. Not only is a cold home uncomfortable, but it can be dangerous, as well. When your furnace or heat pump goes out, don’t risk the health and safety of your family. Instead, call a reliable HVAC company that is there when you need help.

AnyDay Heating and Cooling understands the importance of a warm home during the winter, and we want your family to be cozy and safe. We have the experience and training to fix any kind of heating system, no matter what the problem might be. You can count on us to fix it right the first time with customer satisfaction 100% guaranteed.

Heating Repair in Apex, NC

Furnace Repair

Many things can cause a furnace to start misbehaving, running the gamut from small to large. The key is to schedule a service visit as soon as you notice the sign that something is wrong.

Whether it’s a bad smell emanating from the system, knocking sounds, or poor efficiency, AnyDay Heating and Cooling will arrive promptly to diagnose and repair the problem.

Gas Furnaces

If you notice either of these problems with your gas furnace, contact a licensed HVAC repair company immediately.

  • Pilot light not working correctly
  • Pilot light burning any color besides blue
  • Cracked heat exchanger
  • Smell of gas

Don’t delay calling for help when your furnace needs attention – rely on AnyDay Heating and Cooling for your furnace repair needs.

Furnace & Heat Pump Repair in Apex, NC

Heat Pump Repair

Many things can go wrong with a heat pump but some are more common than others. Two issues that come up repeatedly are low refrigerant and broken parts. Luckily, these issues are easy to fix and our HVAC technicians will have your heat pump repaired and running again quickly.

If your heat pump is not producing warm air, it may need maintenance. Other things like loud noises, short heating cycles, or higher-than-usual energy bills may indicate the need for diagnostics and repair.

Apex – Heating and Cooling You Can Count On

Most heating systems last roughly 10-15 years but may last longer with consistent maintenance and repairs. If your heater stops working or isn’t working efficiently, rely on the pros at AnyDay Heating and Cooling.

We also offer 24/7 emergency heating repair service, so no matter when you need us, we are here for you. Any time, AnyDay Heating and Cooling is the trusted source for your HVAC services and needs.

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