How Does Cooking Affect Air Quality Inside Your Home?
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How Does Cooking Affect Air Quality Inside Your Home?

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, you’ll most likely be doing a good amount of cooking in your kitchen. While we all love a big Thanksgiving feast, cooking can actually have a negative impact on your indoor air quality without proper air quality solutions.

Gas Ovens and Stoves

Gas ovens and stoves use the combustion of fossil fuels, just like outdoor pollution sources. When you use a gas-powered kitchen appliance and do things such as roasting, boiling, baking, or sauteing, harmful particles and pollutants then enter the air, having a negative impact on your home’s air quality.

Electric Stove

Electric kitchen appliances certainly produce less indoor pollution, but are still not completely harmless. They still produce harmful particles that you can then breathe in. Some of these pollutants may include nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde. It’s therefore recommended to switch from gas to electric appliances if possible to minimize the level of indoor pollutants being produced.

Smaller Appliances

While larger kitchen appliances such as your oven and stove will produce the most amount of airborne pollutants, smaller appliances such as fryers, toasters, and electric skillets can still have an impact on your indoor air quality. Since dust can accumulate in them, and when burned, can produce particulate matter floating in the air. Small appliances that heat up also create something known as VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which contribute to unhealthy indoor air quality.

What Are Some Indoor Air Quality Solutions?

Ventilation is Vital

If you have effective ventilation methods in your kitchen, then pollutants produced from cooking can be transferred out of your home’s air. Some common effective methods include range hoods, microwave vents, using the exhaust fan, or opening windows while cooking.

Air Purification System

Having an air purification system installed is beneficial for both pollutants that are created within your home and outdoor pollutants that find their way in. These purification systems can remove harmful gasses, odors, and pollutants from the air to make the air you breathe healthier for you and your whole family. Especially if you plan on doing a lot of cooking over the holidays or have a gas oven and stove, this could be a great option for your home.

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