Should I Leave the Heat On While on Vacation?
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Should I Leave the Heat On While On Vacation?

Spring is in the air but nights can still be chilly. Many people may be enjoying the daytime weather with windows open, but using the heater at night. If you have a vacation coming up, knowing how to set your thermostat can help conserve energy.

Vacation time is a great opportunity to save money on your heating bill. Your instincts may say to turn the thermostat off altogether, but you definitely should not.

Reasons to Leave Heat on During Vacation

One important thing to remember is that weather can change at the drop of a hat. We can have warm, sunny days for weeks then have a surprise cold front come through. While you’re on vacation, the last thing you should worry about is frozen pipes. Leaving your heat on prevents pipes from freezing and bursting when freezing temperatures strike.

More importantly, if you are leaving a pet at home, you need to ensure their comfort and safety. Many pet owners opt for an in-home pet sitter to care for their animals for vacations. If you have to leave your pet without constant care, make sure they are comfortable. Allowing heat to kick on as needed can be the one thing that keeps them safe when it’s cold outside.

Ideal Settings for Heat While on Vacation

Generally speaking, if no people or pets are in the home, you can set your thermostat as low as 55 degrees without risking pipe safety. If you are leaving pets behind, you can set the temperature 4 degrees lower than normal. This is enough to still help you save a few bucks on your energy bill without risking your pet’s health.

Other Money-Saving Tips While You’re on Vacation

Lowering your thermostat setting is just one way to save money while you’re away. You can also change other settings and unplug certain items before you leave for vacation.

  • Turn the water heater to the lowest setting

  • Unplug all modems, routers, computers, TVs, small kitchen appliances, and other electronics that draw energy even when powered off

  • For security purposes, leave one lamp in a main living area switched on, and turn off all other lights

Schedule Furnace Maintenance Before Your Trip

Lastly, to ensure your home heater will properly run in your absence, schedule a tune-up. This is a quick and easy way to make sure you won’t come home to water damage from burst pipes.

Enjoy your vacation with peace of mind. Now go pack your bags and don’t forget your toothbrush!

To learn more or to schedule heater maintenance, call AnyDay Heating & Cooling at 919-329-2944.

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