Should I Turn Off My Air Conditioner On Nice Days?
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How Often Can I Turn Off My Air Conditioner in Nice Weather?

Knowing when you should and shouldn’t turn off your AC can save you money. It’s tempting to shut it off and open windows on beautiful days, but that could cost you if not done right.

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Spring is in the air! Beautiful days are upon us, and it’s time to enjoy some sunshine. This may prompt you to turn the AC on and off, but doing so can prematurely wear out your system. Continue reading to learn when it’s okay to turn it off for a while and when to leave it alone.

When To Turn Off Your Air Conditioner

Improving your indoor air quality is essential in the springtime. All winter, your home has been closed off and recirculating the same musty air. When you’re ready for a day or two of fresh air and sunshine, you can turn off your AC and open the windows. If the windows will be open for less than 4 hours, turning off the AC isn’t necessary.

When to Leave it Running and Why

Air conditioners of any kind require a lot of energy to get started. There are several moving parts and a motor that all have to work together to blow cold air into your home. The very design of an air conditioning unit requires running at full speed for optimal efficiency. 

When you turn your AC on and off more frequently, it’s only allowed to run for short periods. This causes undue stress on the system and decreases its energy efficiency.

Think of how your refrigerator works. Opening and closing the door constantly lets the cold air out and wears down the whole appliance faster because it has to work harder.

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So when you have the urge to turn off your AC, instead adjust your thermostat. You can always turn up the temperature a couple of degrees and save the wear and tear on your AC unit. This applies, for example, when:

  • The house feels too cold
  • Someone in the home is sick
  • You have to go out for a bit (less than 4 hours)

Help prolong the life of your air conditioner, save energy, and keep your utility bills low all at the same time. 

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