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Heating Repair in Cary, NC – Service You Can Trust

Winters can be frigidly cold in Cary, and keeping your family warm is crucial. When your furnace or heat pump goes out, your home’s temperature can drop quickly. You need to be able to count on a repair service that will arrive promptly and fix your heater right the first time.

AnyDay Heating & Cooling has the experience and knowledge needed to fix any type of heating system you may have. Any time you call us, you can count on reliable, professional service with upfront pricing and 100% customer satisfaction.

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Furnace Repair & Replacement

There are many things that can go wrong with a gas or electric furnace. Anything that negatively impacts the warmth in your home is a concern, so don’t ignore problems that may seem small. They can quickly escalate and cause much larger, more expensive issues.

Gas furnace malfunctions may include thermostat failure, which can lead to a pilot light issue or worse. Heat exchangers can crack and release carbon monoxide into the home. These situations can be extremely dangerous, so please don’t hesitate to call us for a visit.

If your furnace isn’t working at all, for example, it could be due to a bad ignition or the age of your system. Whatever the issue is, AnyDay Heating and Cooling can diagnose and repair your furnace. If the heater is beyond repair, we will discuss options with you, and make a recommendation based on your needs and budget.

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Heat Pump Repair in Cary, NC

Heat pumps are a great way to efficiently keep your home comfortable, but like all mechanical systems, they can experience failure. Two common heat pump problems are low refrigerant and broken parts. These are generally easy problems to fix, and our HVAC technicians can have your heater repaired quickly.

If your heat pump is running but not producing warm air, it’s likely due for a repair or tuneup. If you notice any loud noises emanating from the system, your heat pump may need professional attention. Also be on the lookout for higher than normal monthly energy bills and shorter heating cycles. If you notice these changes, please give us a call for diagnosis and repair.

Top Quality Heating Services

While furnaces and heat pumps are generally expected to last roughly 10-15 years, they can run more efficiently and last longer with regular maintenance. We highly recommend scheduled tune ups and to always be aware of changes in your system’s behavior. New sounds, smells, or patterns can indicate a worn part or inefficiency, and may lead to more complex issues over time.

For more information on furnaces and heat pumps, or to schedule an HVAC system installation or repair service, call AnyDay Heating and Cooling. You can rely on us for all your HVAC repair services in Cary, NC and surrounding areas. For your safety, we also offer emergency heating repair services.

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